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Zesty Orchard Citrus Ensemble

Zesty Orchard Citrus Ensemble

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Looking for a delightful gift that will put a smile on someones face? Look no further than our vibrant and refreshing fruit assortment! This beautiful Zesty Orchard Citrus Ensemble consists of a bounty of natures finest citrus delights, carefully hand-picked to bring joy and satisfaction to any occasion.

Imagine sinking your teeth into the juicy and succulent flesh of four Navel Oranges, bursting with sweet, citrusy flavors. Or indulge in the lusciousness of two Ruby Grapefruit, with their tangy yet refreshing taste. For a burst of sunshine, weve included six Mandarins that are not only irresistibly juicy but also easy to peel.

To add a zesty touch, weve included two Lemons and two Limes, perfect for adding a splash of flavor to any dish or drink. Whether its a refreshing homemade lemonade or a zingy lime-infused dressing, these citrus gems will elevate any culinary creation.

Packed with care and love, this assortment is an ideal gift for birthdays, holidays, or just to let someone know youre thinking of them. Crisp, ripe, and bursting with flavor, this fruit gift will surely leave a lasting impression and bring a healthy dose of sunshine to anyones day.

The Gift Set consists of:

• 4 Navel Oranges

• 2 Ruby Grapefruit

• 6 Mandarins

• 2 Lemons

• 2 Limes

The Gift Set consists of:
•4 Navel Oranges
•2 Ruby Grapefruit
•6 Mandarins
•2 Lemons
•2 Limes

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